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Single Crystal Substrate

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Single Crystal Substrate

China GaP single crystal substrate factory

GaP single crystal substrate

Major capability parameter single crystal Doped conduction type concentration of flows cm-3 Density cm-2 Growth method Max size Substrate GaP S Undoped N N 2~8×1017 2~6×1016 Read More
2014-06-24 08:21:57
China SiC factory


Major capability parameter Growth method MOCVD Crystal Structure M6 Unit cell constant a=3.08 Å c=15.08 Å Sequence ABCACB Direction 3.5 º With clearance 2.93 eV Hardness 9.2(mohs) Heat travels @300K 5 W/ cm.k ... Read More
2014-06-24 08:21:57
China ZnO single crystal substrate factory

ZnO single crystal substrate

Major capability parameter Crystal structure M6 Unit cell constant a=3.252Å c=5.313 Å Density 5.7(g/cm3) Hardness 4(mohs) Melt point 1975℃ Thermal expansion 6.5 x 10-6 /℃//a 3.7 x 10-6 /℃//c Planned constant ... Read More
2014-06-24 08:21:57
China ZrO2 single crystal substrate  factory

ZrO2 single crystal substrate

Zirconia (ZrO2) single crystal substrate is one of the first development and application of high temperature superconducting substrate . Properties: crystal system cubic system Lattice constant a=5.147 Density ... Read More
2014-06-24 08:21:57
China LiGaO2 single crystal substrate  factory

LiGaO2 single crystal substrate

lithium aluminate single crystal is the best matching with the gallium nitride epitaxial film substrate material , gallium nitride thin film is the basis of the current production of blue, and purple, and the ... Read More
2014-06-24 08:21:57
China BaTiO3 single crystal substrate  factory

BaTiO3 single crystal substrate

Barium titanate single crystals have excellent photorefractive properties , high reflectivity of self-pumped phase conjugation and two-wave mixing (optical zoom) efficiency in optical information storage with ... Read More
2014-06-24 08:21:57
China KTaO3 single crystal substrate  factory

KTaO3 single crystal substrate

The potassium tantalum single crystal is a new type of crystals with perovskite and pyrochlore structure , the application of superconducting thin films , has broad market prospects. Properties: Growth Method ... Read More
2014-06-24 08:21:57
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